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Park Min Young And Song Kang Play Work And Love In New Trailers For JTBC’s “Weather People”

New teaser videos for JTBC’s upcoming drama have been released weather people (Working title), featuring the main cast Park Min Young “Korean Actress” (I will find you on a beautiful day) And Song Kang (however).

An office romance delves into the inner workings of the Korean National Weather Bureau, where our main characters are co-workers. Every day at work is a challenge, as predicting the weather can be difficult when it suddenly brings rain on a sunny day without warning. Likewise, potential clients’ relationship takes a turn as they move from co-workers to dating, and they learn firsthand how navigating love can be like navigating a storm.

In the first joke, Song Kang holds Park Min Young’s hand and looks at her with blinking puppy eyes. Park looks at him cautiously and the video comes to an end as they slowly start smiling at each other. In the voiceover, Park Min Young announced that the drama, “weather people Premiere in February 2022.”

The second teaser begins with Song Kang grinning as he follows Park Min Young across a bridge at night. Park gives a small smile to herself and glances at Song before turning back. As they continue to walk in line, the video ends with Song Kang’s narration, “weather people Premiere in February 2022.”

On the production side, he will be directed by PD Cha Young-hoon (When the camellia bloomsAnd Are you human too) with texts penned by Sun Young. As announced by our clients, weather people It will premiere next month in JTBC’s weekend slot.

via JTBC

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