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Park Min Young, Sung Kang are secretly dating in new teasers for Weather People

JTBC’s upcoming office romance weather people (Working title) He released another batch of teaser videos, this time giving us a better look Park Min Young “Korean Actress” (I will find you on a beautiful day) And Song Kang (however) while working for the Korean National Weather Bureau.

With weather serving as the backdrop and the subject of the drama, Park Min-young and Song Kang play coworkers who fall in love, and the story explores the excitement and complications that come from dating within the workplace. As the two try in vain to keep their relationship secret and separate their personal lives from work, a tumult naturally ensues.

The first teaser begins as Park Min-young and Song Kang look up at the sky and observe today’s weather. On the next text screen, we read: “Even with a 1% chance, the weather can change just as people can change too.” Then he cuts the joke to Lee Seung Wook (silent sea) who argues, “Prediction is about probability,” and Song Kang replies, “That is why it is wrong every day.” at the same time, Kwon Hye Hyo (secrecy) reprimand Moon Tae Yoo (Hospital Playlist 2) saying, “Who said you could release this special report without my permission!”

Park Min Young also offers her opinion, “Even if it’s just a prediction, I think it’s our duty to ensure that we get more accurate data as a basis for predictions.” Song Kang is impressed with her response and Kwon Hae-hyo addresses the team to encourage them to move forward with their work. In a series of shots, we see the team continue its job duties. When we see Park Min Young and Song Kang smiling at each other, the joke ends with Park narrating, “I’ll tell you about tomorrow’s predictions.”

The second video begins with Song Kang warning of an approaching storm cloud and rain. Frustrated Park Min Young asked, “Who do you think you are?” But Song only replied, “The rain will definitely come.” Sure enough, it soon starts to rain and Park turns to look at him again. The same text screen appears from the first teaser, where it reads: “Even with a 1% chance, the weather can change just as people can change too.”

The joke then jumped to Song Kang watching Park Min-young’s work reflecting to himself that his feelings for Park continue to grow. After he starts dating, he sneaks up on his hug at work and assures her that they won’t get caught. In another text screen, we read: “The cruel tale of a precarious office romance.”

An anxious Song Kang approaches Park Min Young after she overreacted to his conversation with another classmate. Still annoyed, she avoids his gaze and says to him in a solemn voice, “Please refrain from discussing personal matters during business hours.” In the following sequence, we see the two get stuck in several awkward situations and nearly get caught by Moon Tae-yoo multiple times. In the closing scenes, the two hold hands and smile at each other while Park laments, “Workplace dating is going to be my death.”

Written by Sun Young and directed by PD Cha Young-hoon (When the camellia blooms) and JTBC’s weather people Premiere in February.

Via 10 Asia, JTBC

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