Park Seul-gi to Release her Skills in ‘Showtime Begins!’ @ HanCinema

comedian Park Sol Ji It will appear in “Showtime begins!”.


In the new MBC drama “Showtime begins!”And Park Sol Ji He will make a special appearance in the drama on the 17th. She said, “I will play the role of MC in an entertainment media programme.”

“Showtime begins!” is a ghostly-formatted comedy investigation drama by charismatic magician Cha Cha Wong (park hye jin(and a passionate police officer, Go Seul-He)Jin ki yes) with great credibility. Park Sol Ji She plans to make a special appearance as an infotainment show host to make the play more fun.

Especially, Park Sol Ji She has been active in MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” for over 12 years, and expectations are already high about the type of acting she will be showing.

This is not the first time Park Sol Ji Try acting. She previously played a role in adding immersion to the play with natural acting by appearing in a few dramas on MBC and KBS. “you are my Destiny”.

Meanwhile, in addition to Park Sol JiAnd Jung Joon Hobest friend Shin Hyun Joon It will appear in “Showtime begins!”


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