[Photo] First Still Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama ‘Glitch’ @ HanCinema

Still added for the first time for an upcoming korean drama “flaw” (2022)


Directed by Duke Spirit

written by Jin Han Sae

Network: Netflix

with jeon yoo binAnd NanaAnd Lee Dong HwiAnd Baek Joo HeeAnd Ryu Kyung SooAnd Ma Sung Min, …

“flaw” It tells the story of Hong Ji-hyo, who is trying to track down her missing boyfriend with the help of the members of the UFO Club. clerk Jin Han Saewho grabbed the attention of fans and critics with the critically acclaimed Netflix series “no class”, meets with the production team at Studio 329 for “flaw”. Jin Han SaeHis bold writing style and insightful insight left viewers in awe of his first debut series. At the moment “flaw”, unearths an intriguing and exciting story about members of the UFO Club who pursue those who have disappeared into a mysterious ray of light. Their own research, which seems unreasonable to society as a whole, is told in the framework of a suspenseful comedy.

Broadcast start date in Korea: 2022


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