[Photo] New Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie ‘Dust and Ashes’ @ HanCinema

New poster added for the upcoming Korean movie “Dust and Ashes” (2019)


Directed by Park Hee-kwon

With Ahn So-yo, Lee Kang-ji, Kim Jae-rok, Lee Jung-eun,…

A pale face with no make-up,
A silmple ponytail,
25 year-old Hae-su, with a warm smile.
On her way from factory, she calls someone, who doesn’t answer,
She doesn’t answer a call from someone.
She is planning her mother’s funeral,
Who died suspiciously.
All these people, questions, and stars.
With her anxiety gets bigger,
Her secret plan starts?

Release date in Korea : 02/24/2022


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