[Photo + Video] New Review Poster and Videos Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie ‘Special Delivery’ @ HanCinema

Added new review poster and videos for the upcoming Korean movie “Private Delivery”


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Jung Woo SungRelay recommendation video


“Private Delivery” (2020)

Directed by Park Dae Min

with Park Su DamAnd Song Sae ByokAnd Kim Eui SungAnd Jeong Hyun JoonAnd Yoon Woo JinAnd Hey Ran, …

“I hand over whatever the post office service doesn’t handle.” Eun Ha, a regular employee at the tailings, secretly works as a delivery employee handling unusual delivery orders. One day, Eun Ha heads to Seoul to pick up a client involved in a gambling crime who wants to flee abroad. However, Eun-ha meets the customer’s young son at the pickup point, rather than the customer himself. Kyung Pil, the current police officer who is actually plotting the entire gambling crime, is chasing after the missing child who has the security key in the bank account containing $30 million. After a long chase from Seoul to Busan, Yeon-ha fights the police to protect the child!

Release date in Korea: 01/12/2022


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