[Photos] New Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie ‘AND THERE WAS LIGHT’ @ HanCinema

New stickers have been added for the upcoming Korean movie “And there was light” (2020)


Directed by Kim Ji-seok-I

with Kang Gil WooAnd Park Ja YoungAnd Kang Hyun JoongAnd Yoon Jong Wook, …

The man decides to kill himself every day, but gets on with his life because he forgets to end by himself because of alcoholic dementia. An alcoholic woman lives her life in grief and helplessness. These two totally strangers meet each other and just happen to be sitting down for a drink. Apparently, for no particular reason, she exploits the man’s scattered memory and installs a false memory of herself as a former lover, which he surprisingly believes. The two then set out to end their lives together. Although nothing seems to make sense, “And there was light” It brings a sense of realism and ignites our curiosity. The strange, dark and funny vibe from the early parts of the movie turns into a charming and soothing love story as they begin their journey. (Jung Hanseok)

Release date in Korea: 02/10/2022


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