[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie ‘Trot Is Life’ @ HanCinema

Added still images for the upcoming Korean movie “A jog is life” (2021)


Directed by two k

with Jang Soo YoungAnd Kim Kyung JinAnd Kim Dong-chan IAnd Kim Sol BiAnd Kim Dae YoungAnd Jang Young, …

shinhwa trot singers (Kim Kyung JinAnd Kim Dong-chan IShe has many concerns. No matter how many times they work and release a new song, the world only discovers the trot singer of Mr. Trot or Miss Trot, but there is no place for their group Shinhwa.

Kyeong-jin, a member of Shinhwa, decides that shouldn’t happen, and is trying to create a new cross-hybrid group fit for the modern era by expanding, and adding new members with good looks.

Meanwhile, Ji Won, who has been preparing to become an idol singer for God’s Dream, has been a trainee for 6 years. Now, she is the oldest of the group and is under the spotlight from its younger members.

One day, in her difficult life as a trainee, the head of the agency sought support and was offered a position as an academic coach, saying, “Wouldn’t it be better to give up on your dreams and teach your juniors instead?” Ji Won, worried about her dream and reality, stops at a regular bar in pain. There, she had a fateful meeting with the Shenhua group.

“A jog is life” A comedy-drama about idol group Shinhwa and aspiring idol Ji-Won who doesn’t seem to be cooperating at all has just begun.

Release date in Korea: 01/27/2022


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