[Photos + Video] New Character Posters and Videos Added for the Korean Movie ‘Kingmaker’ @ HanCinema

New character posters and videos added for the Korean movie “Kingmaker”


Production Crew Commentary Video


Sound Continuity Book


“Kingmaker” (2021)

Directed by Byun Sung-Hyun

With Sol Kyung-gu, Lee Sun-kyun, Yoo Jae-myung, Jo Woo-jin, Park In-hwan, Lee Hae-young-I,…

A politician dreams of changing the world with an excellent campaign strategist behind.
Dreaming of changing the world, Seo Chang-dae takes part in Kim Woon-beom’s political campaign. To resist the current dictatorial ruling party, Seo adopts a very aggressive propaganda campaign, and it makes Kim become the strongest candidate in the opposition party. When ambitious Seo believes that unjustified means is necessary for politics, Kim has a firm belief that it is not real politics. While their conflict deepens, the ruling party secretly contacts Seo to win the next presidential election.

Release date in Korea : 01/26/2022


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