Pretty Boy, Song Kang @ HanCinema

the actor Song KangThe first beauty board was released in 2022 on the 19th.


Song Kang She graces the cover of the February issue of Singles with Benefit while heralding a new transformation in the new JTBC drama “Love and Weather Predictions”, which is scheduled to air on February 12. The image, filled with pure and mysterious magic, was held on the occasion of the launch of Benefit’s new product Face & Pore Primer “The POREfessional Light Primer”.

Song Kang In the photo, he caught the eye with his elegant and modern design and his soft, comfortable eyes that melt the cold in the middle of winter. In particular, the highlight of this photo is his soft and smooth skin that does not require correction. Its clear features stand out even more, as it boasts flawless images regardless of the angle.

In addition, during the drawing of a sophisticated man, his unique boyish beauty quickly appears that coexists, captivating women’s hearts.

On this day, Song Kang A-cuts were created for each captured cut with different facial expressions and poses, demonstrating the true value of figurative genius. It is also rumored that, despite the long-term shooting, he made an energetic appearance and warmed the atmosphere of the scene.


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