[Ratings] ‘Ghost Doctor’ Breaks Its Own Record @ HanCinema

“Ghost Doctor” It scored its highest rating.


According to Nielsen Korea, a rating research company, tvN’s dramas will be on Monday and Tuesday “Ghost Doctor” Which aired on the tenth, scored 5.628% (Episode 3).

This is an increase from the 4.507% (episode 2) recorded in the previous episode.

SBS’ “Our beloved summer” It dropped 0.1% a point from its previous high of 4.3% (Episode 10) to 4.2% (Episode 11).

KBS2’s “twitter” It also declined, recording 5.4% (Episode 7) from 6.2% (Episode 6).

JTBC “The one and only” It continued to stay at 0% with 0.784% (Episode 7) vs. 0.68% (Episode 6).

Meanwhile, channel A Viewing window: The Queen’s House Which has been on a steady rise, has also seen a decline, posting 7.755% (Episode 13) down from its highest rating of 8.092% (Episode 12).


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