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Romance, revenge, and ambition in Sponsor with Lee Ji-hoon

After some behind the scenes kerfuffles and a rejigging of the original broadcast plan, Sponsor (previously Desire) has finally gotten an air date — and it looks like a cracktastic ride. The romance-thriller melo is set to premiere on February 23 and will now air jointly on MBN and IHQ — the networks stated that they hope their combined and unique audiences will bring more attention to a drama that deserves a bigger viewership.

To amp up some buzz before the premiere, the drama has released some teaser keywords to give viewers a taste of the drama (literally) to come, and they include: ambition, revenge, adult romance, deep relationships, fatal charm, multifaceted pasts — and that’s not even all of them. The drama was already being compared to a Penthouse-style story, so those keywords are the icing on the cake.

Sponsor centers on four characters whose stories and ambitions are noted as being intertwined and twisty. Lee Ji-hoon plays a warm and ambitious photographer who hides a deep thirst for revenge due to his tragic past. Han Chae-young plays a CEO who’s beautiful and successful, but still wants more. Gu Ja-sung plays an aspiring fashion model, and he’s married to rising star Ji Yi-soo, who struggles to balance motherhood and her career.

An keyword not listed above is basically a “runaway train,” and it additionally describes all four of our characters’ greed and desire… and what’s the good of a runaway train metaphor without the resulting train wreck, right? The wreck promises to be a tangle of these four characters, their intrigues, affairs, and even — whomp — the sponsors that help them achieve their aims. In the case of melos like this, the “go hard or go home” approach seems to work best — rather than settling in a safe middle ground, the crazier the better. So bring on the train wreck! Posters, stills, and a teaser below for your enjoyment.

Directed by Kwak Ki-won (It’s My Life, Still Loving You) and written by Park Kye-hyung (It’s My Life), Sponsor premieres in its Wednesday-Thursday slot on February 23.


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