Scene-stealer Park Bo-kyung in Netflix’s ‘Juvenile Justice’ @ HanCinema

Actress Park Bo-kyung joins Netflix’s original series “Juvenile Justice” which will be released on the 25th.


“Juvenile Justice” is a Netflix series about the juvenile crimes faced by judge Sim Eun-seok, who hates juvenile offenders, when she takes office in the juvenile department of the district court and the stories of judges in charge of them.

Park Bo-kyung said, “Through this work, as a parent who is thinking about how to protect and guide my children, I’ve developed a more diverse view of juvenile crimes. The lives of juvenile offenders who must be forgiven because they are still young to make the right judgment, and the pain that the families of those who were sacrificed by them have to suffer, I think it’s a problem that we should all think about together without turning a blind eye into. and create a better world for children to live in through “Juvenile Justice”“.

Park Bo-kyung is drawing attention for her stable acting and excellent character skills, appearing in web dramas and dramas “Shadow Beauty”, “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, “Beyond Evil”, “Hospital Playlist”, “The Running Mates: Human Rights”Netflix’s “Kingdom – Season 2”movies “Man of Men”, “The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil”, “Roman”, “The Mayor”, “The Suck Up Project: Mr. XXX-Kisser”, “Hello Schoolgirl” and more.

Meanwhile, “Juvenile Justice” will feature director Hong Jong-chanwho has been recognized for his delicate directing skills in “Dear My Friends”and “Life”and writer Kim Min-seok-VI will be in charge of screenplay.


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