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Searching for happiness with Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, Lee El, and Sohn Seok-gu in My Liberation Notes

JTBC’s My Liberation Notes has been gearing up for its premiere next month, and the new promos include slice-of-life style posters and a video teaser.

The drama stars Lee Min-ki (Oh! Master), Kim Ji-won (Lovestruck in the City), and Lee El (When the Devil Calls Your Name) as siblings who feel stuck in their painfully ordinary lives, just going through the motions day by day. Enter the stranger Sohn Seok-gu (DP) who stumbles into their quiet town and becomes acquainted with their family.

Lee Min-ki plays the middle child, Yeom Chang-hee. Although he seems aimless without any dreams or ambition, he’s actually just a realist and has a pragmatic view on life.

Kim Ji-won is the youngest sibling, Yeom Mi-jung, who often comes across as emotionless. As an introvert, constantly dealing with people is a huge burden and she finds herself always feeling drained.

Playing the part of the mysterious newcomer is Sohn Seok-gu. Known only as Mr. Gu, he comes to town looking to start his life anew and wants to put his past behind him.

Lee El’s character is the oldest of the three siblings, Yeom Ki-jung. She wears her heart on her sleeve and dreams of finding love one day soon. Her goal, though, is to escape the tiring life she lives from the long commute to work every day.

The newly released teaser opens with everyone eating dinner together outside while Lee Min-ki complains, “Father, I don’t even have a car. With no money or security, how am I supposed to date someone or get married? Relationships come to fruition in a car. But I don’t have a car, Father! Where can a man and woman kiss?!” Dad Chun Ho-jin (The Road: Tragedy of One) glares at Lee in response, all the while a blank-faced Kim Ji-won just eats her food. Not wanting to get involved, Sohn Seok-gu sneaks a quick glance at them before looking away.

We then cut to Lee Min-ki nagging at his sisters, “Wash your hair before you go to bed at night. Then the two of you can stop hogging the bathroom in the mornings.” Lee El silently stars at him while walking away, and Kim Ji-won ignores him, focusing on her corn. A fight soon breaks out between the two oldest siblings and Mom tries to get between them saying, “Stop embarrassing yourselves in front of the neighbors!” Lee El then chases Lee Min-ki into the house, throwing a slipper at him, but it ends up hitting Kim Ji-won instead.

While Sohn Seok-gu and Kim Ji-won help with the farming, Lee Min-ki makes a run for it and falls flat on his face. Exasperated, Kim looks down at Lee’s fallen body and yells at him, “I told you not to do it!” In voiceover, Kim Ji-won, Lee El, and Kim Min-ki introduce the drama together: “Three siblings who are unbearably country bumpkins search for a revival of happiness in an unbearably endearing way. JTBC drama My Liberation Diary premieres Saturday, April 9 at 10:30pm.”

Directed by PD Kim Seok-yoon (Law School, The Light in Your Eyes), the scripts were penned by writer Park Hae-young (My Ajusshi, Oh Hae-young Again). The two have a long history, having worked together early in their careers on KBS’s sitcom Old Miss Diary.

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