Seo Dong-gab to Star in ‘Through the Darkness’ @ HanCinema

the actor This is Dongjap starring “Through the Dark”.


Drama Friday and Saturday on SBS, “Through the Dark” Coming for the first time on the 14th, is a psychological criminal investigation drama that depicts a South Korean first detective who searches ferociously into the minds of serial killers at the height of evil in the days of heightened motivation.

This is Dongjap He plays Kim Bong-sik who is resentful towards Tae-goo (Kim Soo Jin) and Ha-yeong (Kim Nam Gil) because of previous things. This is Dongjap, who fully immerses himself in every role and shows a wide spectrum of acting, will give an impactful performance by realistically portraying the role of Kim Bong-sik, who falls and collides with Tae-goo and Ha-yong in every instance.

“Through the Dark” It airs on the 14th at 10 pm.


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