Seo Hyo-rim’s Daughter in a 3.5 Million Won Electric Car Toy @ HanCinema

Seo Hyo Rim She shared a photo that an acquaintance posted on her Instagram story on the 27th of the month.


The picture shows Seo Hyo Rim driving and Seo Hyo RimDaughter sitting quietly in a car driven by her mother. Seo Hyo RimHer daughter, who wears a fur hat, jacket and scarf, puts her hand in her pocket and enjoys the leisurely drive. The cute visual elicits smiles from the viewers. In addition, the car carry Seo Hyo RimIt is known that the baby daughter cost 3.5 million won as a luxury baby car.

at the same time, Seo Hyo Rim She married Jung Myung-ho, CEO of Bellflower F&B, the actress’s son Kim So Miin 2019 and has a daughter.


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