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Seo Kang-joon is searching for the truth in Disney+’s new promotions

There’s only one week left for Disney + Network Premieres and we have another round of promotions to increase the excitement.

In an alternate Earth where the solar wind would have destroyed the planet 24 years ago, humanity now lives under the protection of a grating that stretches across the upper atmosphere. The creator of the network is known as the “Ghost” he plays Lee Shi Young (Beautiful house).

It mysteriously disappeared after saving Earth, but now it has suddenly returned, with government officials and police on its tail Seo Kang Joon (I will find you on a beautiful day), Kim Ah Jung (Live up to your name), And Kim Mo Yul (Juvenile Justice). However, the only evidence about her appearance is that she collaborated with a known killer Kim Sung Kyun (DP).

The joke begins with a series of chases and Lee Shi-young fights. An unknown man taunts her, “Maybe it’s not your thing because you might just disappear…as you did last time.” The scene then moves to Seo Kang-joon and Kim Ah-Joong investigating Ghost, and Kim asks, “What about the people who saw her disappear?” Seo replies that Kim is the only one and that Kim wonders, “If she was trying to save humanity, why did she attack me?” Way back when Lee Shi-young hit Kim Ah-joong with some kind of disc and weird scars appeared on Kim’s arm afterwards. After that, Seo Kim shows his plan: “All the information we know about her is stored on the thirteenth floor of that building, so just help me get in.”

As the search for Ghost continues, intermittent text screens read: “A mysterious being who saved humanity returns as a murder!” Seo Kang-joon explains that he cuts off his arm, “I’ve seen a world without the net.” at the same time Jang Soo Yeon (The Game: Towards Zero) specifies, “We have to see it through to the end. This is the first opportunity in decades.” With Kim Mu-yeol joining the chase, we learned that, “[Ghost] It is an object that can teleport. Instead of finding her, we have to make her come for us.” The forces approach Lee Shi Young and warns Kim, “We can’t fail again. If we do…”

He then cuts the joke to a screaming woman and forensic analyzes the corpse. Kim Ah-Joong marvelously remarked, “It’s starting over…the murders.” Seo Kang Joon asks desperately, “What should I do to change what happened?” As Kim Sung-kyun defends himself, “You don’t know what you went through to get to this point.” In disappointment, Kim Ah-joong exclaimed, “What kind of bad investigation is this?!” The joke returned to Seo Kang-joon as it came to an end. Seo holds the strange disk in his hand and a man cares about him, “Do you think you became a savior of humanity? [You’re a] killer.”

Written by Lee Soo Yeon (Forest of Secrets 1, 2) and co-directed by Khan Lee (Divine Motion 2: The Furious) and Park Chul-hwan, Network Releases on February 16th.

Across 10 Asia, KBS (1), (2), MK Sports

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