Shim Wan-joon to Star in ‘Kill Heel’ @ HanCinema

the actor Shim Wan Joon starring in the drama “Kill a heel”.


Beaver Entertainment announced that Shim Wan Joon He will star in tvN’s new drama “Kill a heel”.

“Kill a heel” It tells the story of three women with a burning desire for success against the backdrop of the home-shopping industry and a heated debate about human nature amid competition.

Shim Wan Joon Play Park Jong-soo, Team Manager for a Home Shopping Company. Park Jong-soo She is the first character to be avoided with the typical “old man” temperament as well as curiosity and courage. Moreover, the play will add more fun with its unique time combining hate and old man ability.

Shim Wan Joon, who has established himself as a talented actor in the theater industry, impressed viewers with his unique personal skills regardless of genres.

As a result, expectations are already high Shim Wan Joon, which shows an ever-changing representation by expanding the range of genres and characters, to show different performances in “Kill a heel”.

at the same time, “Kill a heel” It is scheduled to air in the first half of 2022.


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