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Shin Mina betrays Lee Byung-heon in new teaser for tvN’s Our Blues

In what might be the largest big-name ensemble cast ever, writer Noh Hee-kyung is back with a new omnibus-style drama, tvN’s Our Blues.

Set on Jeju Island, the story weaves between the lives of 14 different characters who are all connected in some way – whether it is through friendship, family, or by simply being neighbors.

The impressive main cast includes: Lee Byung-heon (Mr. Sunshine), Shin Min (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha), Cha Seung-won (One Ordinary Day), and the woman who must be hiding time travel secrets because she’s in all the dramas this year (not that I’m complaining), Lee Jung-eun (Juvenile Justice).

The lineup continues with Han Ji-min (One Spring Night), Kim Woo-bin (Uncontrollably Fond), the magnificent Kim Hye-ja (The Light in Your Eyes), and the equally fantastic Go Du-shim (The One and Only).

We also get Uhm Jung-hwa’s (You’re Too Much, Witch’s Romance) return to dramaland along with some familiar faces like Park Ji-hwan (Black Dog), Choi Young-joon (Inspector Koo), and Bae Hyun-sung (Hospital Playlist 2). Last but not least, rookie actor Noh Yoon-seo and child actor Ki So-yoo (Oh My Baby) round out the cast.

For a fun quick peek at everyone in character, check out last week’s teaser here.

The newest video teaser focuses on Lee Byung-heon and Shin Mina’s segment, with opening captions that introduce their names: “Dong-seok and Sun-ah.” We transition to a text screen that explains the back story: “The girl who trampled over me and left.” Seeing Shin return to Jeju, Lee approaches her, “Don’t you know me?” to which Shin replies, “I do.” The teaser briefly flashes back to their younger days before returning to their reunion in the present. Upset, Lee remarks, “If you know me, aren’t you going to say hi or ask how I’ve been doing? How can you not even greet me, you punk.” The text screen that follows, reads: “She came back in a more pathetic state than me.”

We then cut to Shin Mina describing what she did during her time away: “I just lived.” Flashing back to the past again, we see a group of students fighting and a young Lee Byung-heon running. A happier Shin and Lee in the past have fun cleaning and driving around together. Back in the present, an angry Lee rants in his car, “How could you do that to me when I just liked being by your side. That’s all I wanted. Why did you do it!?” The teaser comes to a close with a view of the seaside where Shin Mina stands crying alone and from a distance we see Lee Byung-heon walking away.

Premiering next month on April 9, directing for Our Blues will be helmed by a team of PDs: Kim Kyu-tae (Live, It’s Okay, It’s Love), Kim Yang-hee, and Lee Jung-mook.

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