‘Snowdrop’ Actress Kim Mi-soo Dies @ HanCinema

an actress Kim Mi Soo Who is starring in JTBC drama? “Snowdrop” He passed away suddenly at the age of thirty.


According to Landscape Entertainment, the actress died suddenly on the fifth. “The family is saddened by this sudden news, so please refrain from spreading any speculation or rumours. The funeral will be held in private as the family wishes.”

The deceased appeared in 2018 with the short film “Lipstick Revolution” and continued to appear “Memories – short”, “Kyung Mi’s World”, “Drama Vista – Luac Human”And “Hi bye, mama!”And “in the ring” and more.

She was starring in “Snowdrop” Like Yeo Jeong-min, a college student full of justice and roommate Yeong-ro (Jisoo). her role in “Snowdrop” Filmed early.


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