Sung Dong-il Cast for ‘Midnight Photo Studio’ @ HanCinema

“Midnight Photo Studio” Confirms drama production, cast Song Dong Il The heroine is cast.


“Midnight Photo Studio” It is a mysterious fantasy drama that takes place when Jin-Woo, the sole heir to a photo studio and a waning reporter, returns to sell the photo studio, the photo studio lights up late at night, and strange guests go.

The role of Mr. Choi, played by Song Dong Il, who was the first to join the cast, runs a family-run laundry shop next door to the photo studio and the original “psychological counseling center” at the same time. Oddly enough, Choi, who has a teenage daughter who loves to explore other people’s lives and has a secret hidden behind it, is a major character penetrating the drama. Song Dong Il, which presents a variety of characters in theater and home turf, will return with a new look with the truth that may explode at any time through “Midnight Photo Studio”.

Lee Jin-Woo, the heroine in her twenties who is currently in the acting process, is the sole heir to the photo studio and a press reporter, and after learning the secret of the photo studio, she becomes a photographer for the deceased and encounters a new person. life stage.

at the same time, “Midnight Photo Studio” It is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022.


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