Kim Woo-bin Fills up 2022 With Films, TV and OTT @ HanCinema

the actor Kim Woo Bin It breaks the long gap. Ads His agency said on the 17th, “Kim Woo Bin, who recently reported the news of the selection of the new Netflix series “The Black Knight – 2022”She is expected to meet the audience in various ways through screens, theaters and OTT.” Kim Woo Bin, … Read more

[New Drama] ‘Black Knight – 2022’ @ HanCinema

korean drama “The Black Knight – 2022” Added to HanCinema database Ads “The Black Knight – 2022” (2022) Directed by Cho Wei Seok written by Cho Wei Seok Network: Netflix with Kim Woo BinAnd EsomAnd Kang Yoo SeokAnd Song Seung Hyun, … Abstract“The Black Knight – 2022” It illustrates the air polluted world in the … Read more

Kim Woo-bin and Esom to Star in Netflix ‘Black Knight

actors Kim Woo BinAnd Esom And Kang Yoo Seok He will appear in the new drama “The Black Knight – 2022”. Ads On the 12th, Netflix confirmed the production of the original drama “The Black Knight – 2022” (Directed by Cho Eui-seok) and the formalization of casting Kim Woo BinAnd Esom And Kang Yoo Seok. … Read more