[New Drama] ‘Critical X’ @ HanCinema

Korean drama “Critical X” added to HanCinema database Advertisement “Critical X” (2022) Directed by Kim Jeong-hoon-II Written by Kwak Kyeong-yoon Network: WAVVE With Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il,… SynopsisBased on an essay “I’m An Old Man, It Hurts”.A hyperrealistic comedy-drama depicting the crisis of each generation living in the present era. It tells the story of … Read more

[New Drama] ‘Borrowed Body’ @ HanCinema

Korean drama “Borrowed Body” added to HanCinema database Advertisement “Borrowed Body” (2022) Directed by Jang Joon-ho Written by Lee Na-young-II Network: Kakao TV With Nam Yoon-su,… SynopsisAdapted from a webtoon.A fantasy mystery romance in which the body of outsider Lee Sang-yoo, who is falsely accused and hated by all students and the popular insider Gi … Read more

[New Drama] ‘Demon King’ @ HanCinema

Korean drama “Demon King” added to HanCinema database Advertisement “Demon King” (2022) Written by Kim Se-hwi Network: WAVVE SynopsisA fantasy-historical drama that takes place when the Demon King who leads the evil army to destroy humans, resurrects from hell. Cha Woo-yeong collects ghosts and runs a ghost market. During the request for a new case, … Read more

[New Drama] ‘Weak Hero’ @ HanCinema

Korean drama “Weak Hero” added to HanCinema database Advertisement “Weak Hero” (2022) Directed by You Su-min Written by You Su-min Network: WAVVE With Park Jihoon,… SynopsisAdapted from a webtoon.An action growth drama about Yeon Si-eun, a model student with grades belonging in the school’s top 1%. He looks weak but he fights against numerous violence … Read more

[New Drama] ‘Cruel Intern’ @ HanCinema

Korean drama “Cruel Intern” added to HanCinema database Advertisement “Cruel Intern” (2022) Directed by Han Sang-jae Written by Park Yeon-kyeong Network: TVING With Ra Mi-ran, Uhm Ji-won,… SynopsisA story about a woman in her 40s who returned back to work as an intern after 7 years of being cut off from her job to endure … Read more

[New Drama] ‘Mission Two: Possible’ @ HanCinema

Korean drama “Mission Two: Possible” added to HanCinema database Advertisement “Mission Two: Possible” (2022) Directed by Kim Hyung-joo-III Written by Kim Hyung-joo-III Network: WAVVE With Kim Young-kwang, Lee Sun-bin,… SynopsisA follow-up drama to the movie “Mission: Possible”.After the comical tiki-taka, high-quality action story in “Mission: Possible”two former presidents of Heungshinso suddenly became black agents and … Read more