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“star couple” park shin hye And Choi Tae Joon Their four-year relationship moved on and married. The two, who started dating at the end of 2017 and revealed their romance in March 2018, have been following Star Couple Wedding this year.


Park Si Young And Kwak Jong Wook The baton received the wedding relay for the long-lived couple. According to the agency, the two built friendships through their relationship in the drama School 2013 But she developed into lovers a few years ago. The couple have been together for nearly 10 years and recently signed the contract. In mid-February, they married behind closed doors in Seoul.

It is good to hear the news of the wedding of long-lived couples. The marriage of the star couple, whose love has quietly and resolutely grown for years since the recognition of their romantic relationship, is warmer than any other marriage news. Perhaps this is the reason. It’s 2022 when we look forward to the news of the marriage of long-lived couples.

Shin Min aKim Woo Bin

Shin Min a And Kim Woo Bin, a married couple with a difference of five years in age, met on an advertising site and developed into lovers. After the first romantic rumors in 2015, the two, who coldly revealed that they were lovers, solidified their relationship without breaking up or falling out during their vigorous activities. In particular, even when Kim Woo Bin He was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and stopped working in 2017, Shin Min a I stood Kim Woo Bin And love grows stronger faith. He is currently in the same agency with her.

Se7enLee Da Hee

Se7en And Lee Da Hee, a married couple of the same age, became an official couple in the entertainment industry, admitting that they had been dating for a year during the Lunar New Year in 2016. The two, who had known each other for a long time in the entertainment industry, met by chance and became close to each other and developed into Lovers. They have remained solid for Se7en A year, they showed affection for each other in public, and they recently appeared together on the MBC TV show, where they drew attention with the unusually daring accompanying motions of star couples.

Ma Dong SeokYi Jung Hwa

Ma Dong Seok And Yi Jung Hwa They overcame their 17-year age gap and developed into lovers, and have been dating for seven years since 2016. Ma Dong Seok He expressed his love for her by publicly referring to her and announcing plans to get married. In particular, he was accompanied by Yi Jung Hwa At the Marvel Eternals premiere in Los Angeles last year, he introduced her as his fiancée to fellow actors like Angelina Jolie.

Namkong MinJane A Reum

Namkong Min And Jane A Reum First encounter through a short film “light a fire” In 2015 it evolved into lovers. Jane A Reumwho starred in the movie that Namkong Min He was in charge of the megaphone, and had been dating for a long time after overcoming the age gap of 11 years. Interestingly, Namkong Minwho began to rise in value after becoming open about his relationship, shows affection by mentioning “A-reum” without hesitation at formal interviews or year-end ceremonies.

Jung Kyung HoJoy Swing

Jung Kyung Ho And Joy Swing They represent long-time couples who have lived for ten years since 2012. The two, who came from Chung-Ang University, denied rumors of a romantic relationship twice, but admitted they were only lovers after the third rumor. In addition to the common ground that the two first met through a Chung-Ang University reunion, they became closer through the commonalities of religion and work. Even during their long-term relationship, they show desirable marital moves, as well as higher and better performances in acting as their main occupations.

Lee Dong Hwijung ho yoon

Lee Dong Hwi And jung ho yoon In a public relationship for seven years since 2015. Soon after he got attention “Answer me 1988”And Lee Dong Hwi Reveal his romance with jung ho yoonand splendidly, jung ho yoon Become a world star through “squid game” which was revealed on Netflix last year, again drawing attention to their long-running love history. Lee Dong Hwifamous for being an industrial fashion designer, has become closer to jung ho yoonShe is also a model who has a common denominator in fashion.

◆ Dawn ♥ Hyuna

HyunA and DAWN represent a life-long couple in the music industry. The two who belong to the same agency (Cube Entertainment) surprised the world by announcing that they had been dating for two years in 2018. Since then, the two left the tandem agency after suspending their activities, it has remained the same until now. So far, they belong to the same agency and run a passionate romance as well as perform as the first couple to perform as a duo and never hesitate to make remarks about each other in public.

heriRyo Jun Yeol

Ryo Jun Yeol And heri It became a hot topic as a couple who achieved their unfulfilled love in reality “Answer me 1988” In 2015. The two, who revealed their relationship without hiding even though they were a good-looking couple who raised values ​​at the time, set a nice example by referring to each other in official interviews. The two, who have been in a public relationship since 2017, are often seen in restaurants, which shows that they are on a steady path of dating.

Lee Kwang SooLee Sun Bin

Lee Kwang Soo And Lee Sun Bin She developed into lovers in 2018 by meeting in “Running Man”. when Lee Sun Bin Featured in “Running Man”, she chose Lee Kwang Soo As her ideal type and had fun moments on the show, which later caught the enthusiastic attention of fans as they developed into true fans. Lee Kwang Soo He also showed his love for her in public with his public remarks about her Lee Sun Bin And Lee Sun Bin Also connect with “Lovestagram” by replying through social media comments.

Yoon Hyun MinBaek Jin Hee

Yoon Hyun Min And Baek Jin Hee They became lovers after appearing in My daughter kom sa wal Together in 2016 they maintained a long-term relationship. They flaunt their unwavering affection by revealing to each other’s dogs via social media. Especially, Yoon Hyun Min Shows an open relationship by posting a photo indicating a date of birth with Baek Jin Hee On her birthday last year.

Hwang Bo RaCha Hyun Woo

Hwang Bo Ra And Cha Hyun Woo They first met in church and developed into lovers. The two have been lovers for up to ten years since 2013. In particular, Hwang Bo Ra Shows the daily life of a married couple who lived for a long time, while maintaining a special relationship with the actor Kim Young GunAnd Cha Hyun WooThe father and brother of the actor Ha Jung Woo. Due to the long relationship, the two got involved in marriage rumors, but they still maintained a relationship without a specific marriage plan.

Oh Na Ra ♥ Kim Do Hoon II

Oh Na Ra They are the longest-lived couple in the entertainment industry. Her lover is Kim Do-hoon-II, an acting teacher who was a musical actor. The two met in the musical “Empress Myeongseong” as a Japanese killer and court lady. Oh Na Ra She proudly revealed that she has been dating him for more than 20 years in numerous radio and media interviews, saying: “I can get married if I decide now, but I don’t think marriage has any particular meaning,” adding, “We are really like a family.”


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