The Ultimate List of Sewing Projects

From hand-sewing projects to beginner-friendly crafts, you will never run out of ideas with this ultimate list of sewing projects from Columbus, OH teacher Nikki D…

Sewing is an art that is thousands of years old, and it’s a fun, amazing skill to learn! If you can sew, you can turn your ideas into impressive creations – and make useful, fun items that you can use, wear, and play with every day!

I get messages every day from students seeking sewing lessons. They are usually beginners who have no idea where to start, or students with a little experience who aren’t sure how to bring their ideas to life.

Whether you’re a total beginner or have some experience with sewing, I have compiled the ultimate list of sewing projects from around the internet. Take a look through the list and see if you can find some inspiration. Find a project that appeals to you, and then, get started on a brand-new, exciting sewing project!

Sewing Projects for Beginners

Practice the basic sewing stitches with these sewing projects for beginners. We’ve included some clothing projects along with some DIY craft ideas. If you get stuck, ask your teacher for help! Stick with it, and you’ll have some fun new creations to share with your friends and family.

Easy Circle Wrap Skirt

(from the Crafting Chicks)

This is a great beginner-friendly sewing project with step-by-step directions from the Crafting Chicks. This project is adapted from the equally easy Circle Skirt.

Summer Bucket Hat

(from Made by Rae)

Make this hat for a friend, or wear it yourself, and show off your new found sewing skills!

“The Easiest Skirt in the World”

(from Handmade Miss)

Skirts are always great sewing projects for beginners, but this particular project is described as “The Easiest Skirt in the World”.

2-Seam Ruffle Maxi Skirt

(from Crazy Little Projects)

This simple, 2-seam maxi skirt is a fantastic sewing project for beginner DIY designers!

Fabric Scrap Keychains

(from Craftiness is not Optional)

Put your sewing scraps to good use; fabric key chains are a cute and easy way to customize your keys!

Easy Fabric Heart Coasters

(from Thirty Handmade Days)

Whether you’re looking for a cute gift idea or you want to make a pair for yourself, this is an easy project for beginners, and another fun way to use extra scraps.

Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

Is your child learning to sew? Help your son or daughter practice their sewing skills and build confidence with these sewing projects for kids. We’ve included tutorials from around the web, including items you can make for your kids, and easy projects that children can do, too!

Felt Monsters

(from It’s Always Autumn)

You can make these monsters by hand or with a sewing machine!

Toy Bags

(from Made by Rae)

These pouches are great for kids to store and tote their toys.

Magic Wand

(from Heartmade Blog)

Who doesn’t love magic? This tutorial shows you how to make a customized magic wand for your child.

Sweet & Skinny Ruffled Headband

(from Flamingo Toes)

This creative project is perfect for adults and kids.

Easy Doll Dress

(from Skip to my Lou)

Learn how to make a dress for an American Girl (or a similar sized) Doll.

Valentine Pins

(from Purl Soho)

Make some Valentine’s heart pins with your kids!

Pocket Scarf

(from a Girl and a Glue Gun)

What’s better than a regular scarf? A scarf with pockets!

Tic-Tac-Toe Board

(from Scholastic)

Put your own hand-sewn spin on this classic game!

Quick Sewing Projects

Feeling crafty but short on time? These quick sewing projects are just what you need!

Mermaid Tail

(from Angry Chicken)

There may come a time when your child will want to dress her doll up as a mermaid. Hey, it could happen, and with this tutorial, you will be prepared!

Shopping Bag

(from Homelife)

Sew your own shopping bag: it’s easy, fun, and good for the environment!

“Up-cycled Nightgown”

(from It’s Always Autumn)

Not sure what to do with that old t-shirt? Turn it into a nightgown!

Easy Drawstring Bag

(from Sew Kate Sew)

Keep small items organized with these easy-to-make drawstring bags.

Pillow Case

(from The Seasoned Homemaker)

Everyone should know how to make a pillowcase. Here’s an easy tutorial…

Five-Minute Fabric Flowers

(from Crazy Little Projects)

These cute fabric flowers add a fancy touch to your sewing projects.

Reusable T-Shirt Bag


Here’s another great way to re-purpose old clothing items.

20-Minute Tote Bag

(from Purl Soho)

More fun tote bag ideas!

DIY iPad Case

(from Oh So Lovely)

This DIY iPad case is unique, functional, and easy to make!

Hand-Sewing Projects

No sewing machine? No problem! There are lots of fun items you can sew by hand! Find your next creative endeavors with these hand sewing projects.

Dolls, Animals, and Patterns

(from Gingermelon)

If you like cute, tiny animals you will love this website and these hand-sewing tutorials.

Baby Felt Owls

(from Homelife)

Make these baby felt owls for the kids or for a special animal lover in your life.

25 Easy Fabric Flower Patterns


25 different ways to make fabric flowers!

Bean Bag Birds

(from The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty)

Another fun sewing project to make for kids or animal enthusiasts, learn to make these bean bag birds.

DIY Coffee Cozy


Add some flare to your morning cup of joe with this crafty coffee cozy.

Pin Cushion

(from Craftiness is Optional)

Why buy a pin cushion when you can sew your own? Learn how here!

Sewing Project Ideas

We’re not finished yet! Here are some sewing project ideas to give you some inspiration for things you can create with a needle and thread!

Moon and Cloud Pillows

(from Homelife)

Want to sleep with your head in the clouds? These moon and cloud pillows are out of this world, and will add a cute, comfy touch to any bedroom set.

Baby Blankets

(from Greener Grass handmade)

Looking for a gift for an upcoming baby shower? Learn how to make your own baby blankets here.

Flag Bunting

(from Homelife)

Flag bunting can be used to make banners and decorations for any type of celebration.

Now that you have the ultimate list of sewing projects, from hand-sewing projects to ideas for kids, why don’t you pick some of your favorites and try them out? Happy sewing!

Nikki DPost Author: Nikki D.
Nikki teaches art, art history, and sewing lessons in Columbus, OH. She studied integrated fashion design at Parsons School of Design and is also certified in meditation science and techniques. Learn more about Nikki here!

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