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[Theme of the Month] K-drama therapy

Anyone who watches K-dramas knows that K-drama therapy is a real thing. There’s something about our 16-episode sagas that give us just what we need — whether that’s catharsis through tears, a good laugh when we desperately need it, or some kind of encouragement that we can pull from the story.

Sometimes it’s obvious how a drama can comfort and inspire us (like Twenty Five Twenty One does with Hee-do’s incredible exuberance and effort), but sometimes K-drama comfort comes in the smallest of packages. It’s a line that speaks to us, a character arc that teaches us something about ourselves, or even just a drama that’s able to lift our mood and take us out of our circumstances.

Has a K-drama ever provided you comfort? Were there shows that came to you at a time when you needed them? Tell us your story of K-drama therapy.

To submit:

  • Email your submissions to hello @ dramabeans.com. If you have a registered Dramabeans account, include your handle so we can link to it.
  • Include at least 1 image, though more is preferred.
  • Suggested length: Between 500 and 1,000 words.
  • Deadline: We will post these on a rolling basis, so we’re taking submissions now. We will cut off accepting submissions on March 26. If you miss this month, join us for a new theme next month!

Thanks to @flyingcolours for the topic this month!


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