Then I Met You’s Renewing Duo Resets Your Skin With A Gentle Blend of Acids and Ginseng Infused Hydration

Indulge in powerful and restorative final duets then I Met You!

It’s a new year, and it’s time to reset your rituals and set new intentions for your skin.

I am a working mother raising a child during long times of panic pandemic. Honestly, this is not easy because at the end of the day, there is only so much I can control.

But what I’ve realized during this difficult time is this: I need to be more insistent about the things I do can monitoring.

For example, I can control how I take care of myself. My self-care centers during the evening when I can relieve stress and focus on my skincare ritual. My time starts at 8pm, when my daughter goes down for the night. Sometimes that includes replying to direct messages or text messages from friends. Sometimes I finish some episodes of my favorite shows on Netflix. And sometimes, it’s a skincare ritual that makes me feel like I’ve pressed a reset button for my skin and my mind.

The idea of ​​resetting your mind and skin was the goal of the newest additions to the Then I Met You family: the Rosé Resurfacing Face Mask and Renewing Rich Beauty Cream.

They are formulated to be used together and to complement each other to achieve noticeable results. Renewing Duo, as it was aptly named, is for someone like me who is starting to see signs of aging and is looking to smooth skin texture, smooth out fine lines, and plump skin with deeply nourishing hydration your skin craves. A powerful exfoliating treatment.

I’m happy to share that we’ve launched Renewing Duo as a spin-off on Then I Met You and Soko Glam so you can start incorporating this powerful two-step treatment into your new ritual. When you purchase it as a free package as is, you get exactly the value.

Now let me share the science behind these two products and why they make a difference to your skin when used together:

Russiansthat it face mask

This glowy face is a powerful peel-off mask that contains the optimal ratio of 6.5% AHAs (lactic acid) and 0.5% BHAs (salicylic acid), which ultimately rejuvenates your skin for a soft, smooth and radiant glow.

Apply a thin layer on your skin, and it will start to feel tingly as it breaks down dead skin cells and dissolves some of the sludge deep in the pores making them appear larger. The great effect of this exfoliating effect is that it allows your essence, serum and moisturizer to work better because they can penetrate better without having to fight through the layers of dead skin.

Combined with antioxidants like resveratrol and natural moisturizers, like rose extracts and damask rose petals, one treatment will give you a post-facial glow. And imagine the results if you continued applying once or twice a week consistently, allowing your skin to regenerate in the healthiest way possible.

Rich skin renewal cream

With any powerful exfoliating mask, your skin will become more sensitive and compromised with layers of dead skin cells being removed from your skin. This newly emerged bare skin needs a layer of deeply nourishing hydration, a more hydrating, rich layer in cream form.

My goal for Renewing Rich Beauty Cream is to be the perfect complement to a powerful exfoliating mask, infused with the nourishing ingredient Squalane and baobab, which also gives it a unique, creamy and silky texture.

As the reviews say: this luxurious beauty cream will be a lifesaver for your skin, as it is not too greasy or heavy and retains the powerful antioxidants of ginseng with a cocoon of moisture.

I was also simultaneously answering calls from our community who asked for something creamier and richer than Calming Tide Gel. This new formula is suitable for normal to dry skin types, or those who live in colder climates. The seasonal winter blasts of cold weather conditions that can make your skin look and feel chapped, dry, and irritated from the elements, won’t be with this cream in your arsenal.

I highly encourage you to use the highly relaxing and deliberate 9-point Glow Deeper facial massage technique when applying Renewing Rich Beauty Cream, as it can be used morning and evening as a standalone moisturizer as well (not just after the Rose Resurfacing Face Mask). The massage will lift a heavy load off the muscles in your face and neck, improve blood circulation, and feel like a great treatment on your skin.

+ What’s your favorite skincare duo? Planning to explore Renewing Duo? Let us know below!

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