These Online Spanish Games Will Keep You Busy For Hours

Are you ready for some fun? Take a break with a spanish game online, you will learn and have fun at the same time! here 21 Great options It is better Spanish online gamesAnd Rounded out by online tutor Marcus S…

learn spanish It can be a daunting task. One way to turn stress into fun and make studying a new language more effective is to play games. In the digital age, this is easy to do, because now you can play Spanish games online. All you need is your smartphone, tablet or laptop for a Spanish language training resource on the go.

In this post, we will tell you all about the best Spanish online games for kids And adults alike!

What is the best spanish game?

Spanish games online

when looking for Spanish online games, You have Lots of options. Here are our top five picks for the best Spanish games to play online (But keep reading if you want to learn about the rest!):

  • Food game of digital dialects
  • Spanish and English words match
  • Spanish and English bike racing game
  • my face in spanish
  • Clean up your bases!

Before you start any of these fun games, make sure you master the basics! Here is a video to teach you the alphabet as a beginner Spanish speaker:

What are some spanish websites? 10 of the best Spanish games online

Spanish games online

these Online games that teach Spanish It’s not just fun to play – it’s also highly educational.

1. The food game of digital dialects

Digital Dialects offers 16 online Spanish games for beginners, as well as more games for intermediate and advanced students. One of their many beginner-level games teaches the names of common foods. First, you can study the words by scrolling through the pictures of food. The name of the food is given in text and audio. For example, an image of cheese shows “el queso” written above it, while “el queso” is also pronounced.

Then, you will practice what you learned by playing the food game. You can choose to play with text or with voice. A table full of the nutrients shown is shown. The computer shows you the name of a Spanish food or speaks it and you have to click on that food item.

2. Matching Spanish and English words

There are many Online games from Spanish to English, but English Spanish Word Match is one of the best games. offers this simple Spanish vocabulary practice game. Seven English words are listed in the boxes on the left and seven Spanish words with similar meanings are listed across them. The words are listed in a different order, so your task is to pair each word with its counterpart by tapping on an English word on the left and then the matching Spanish word on the right. (Example: “Pretty” matches “Bonito.”)

As you play, the game will draw a different colored line between the two words you select. When you’re done, click the “Check Answers” button and your answers will be labeled with a green check mark or a red “X” along with a funny audio congratulation or criticism, depending on how you scored.

3. Spanish-English bike racing game

This is one of many Free Online Spanish Games for Students on school teachers. You can choose one of two characters, either Jenny or Zack. Next, select your level of Spanish, either easy or advanced. The game shows the two characters riding bicycles on the road. You will be asked questions in English and you will have to choose from the two given options to help your character ride faster and win the race.

4. My face is in Spanish

This game from Apples 4 the Teachers uses only Spanish words and pictures, a perfect combination for learning a new language. You will see a blank drawing of a child’s head next to the cut out pictures of the parts of his face. When you click on the nose, the computer says “Narys” and displays the word as well. You can then move the nose and other parts of the head around to compliment the face.

5. Clean up your bases!

Another one of the best Online games that teach Spanish From Scholastic, Lympia to Grammatica! He teaches you Spanish grammar with one of Maggie’s Earth adventures. You are shown Spanish words like “mirar” (“to look) and you have to choose whether you want to put it in the recycling bin marked with “Sustantivos” (nouns) or “Verbos” (verbs). The words are placed above the beach trash illustrations , so while playing you will be cleaning garbage from the ocean.

6. Spanish Colors Online Games from Rockalingua

Rockalingua It offers many different Spanish games for learners, but its colorful games are among the best.

In addition to online games, this website also contains all kinds of tutorials, crafts, storyboards, videos, worksheets, and other resources that you can make use of to help your students learn Colors in Spanish.

7. Kahut

Kahoot is an interactive website that allows teachers to teach their students any type of skill. Whether it’s English vocabulary, phonics, biology, mathematics, or anything else, Kahoot is your go-to resource for everything related to interactive education.

Kahut in Spanish It is one of the most popular online educational applications. There are party games, party games, Disney themed games, and more. It’s a free app that you are sure to love as you learn Spanish!

8. Spanish in Flow

this site It has different levels ranging from beginner to intermediate, so you can adjust it to the level you need. Select the category and you will see a variety of different words.

You will hear the word read in Spanish and then you need to choose the corresponding picture to match it. Make a mistake and the options will be reduced to help you until you make the right choice.

This is a fast paced and timed game that you will need to pay close attention to. It’s great to help you Prepare for the testHowever, because you will have to work under pressure!

9. Toss word

Excellent resource for beginners, toss word It is best for building your Spanish vocabulary skills. You will get a word in Spanish and then you have to guess its meaning.

Guess correctly, you will get a new set of words and you will be able to continue playing. If you pick the wrong word, you’ll take a hit – three hits and you’re out! Back to the start.

Perfect for young learners, it’s also a fun family game that anyone can play.

10. Dialog game

Dialog game It is best for more advanced learners but allows you to move beyond basic vocabulary to more advanced role plays and dialogues.

To start playing this game, you will choose the rules or some other topic that interests you. You will be provided with a list of dialogues and you can listen to them to see what is being said. You can also enter your own dialogue to make things more difficult.

This game will not only help your education Basic Spanish Grammarand pronunciation and phonetics, but it will also allow you to practice fluency.

Elementary Spanish Games Online: 5 of the Best Online Spanish Games for Kids

Spanish games online

These online Spanish games for classroom teachers who work with young children are perfect. Not only will they catch the attention of the younger crowd, but they will also teach them basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar tips in the meantime too!

The best options include:

Of course, you can always upgrade your favorite English language games to a variety of Spanish speaking games as well. Think Rock Paper Scissors and I Spy – but in Spanish! This will give you a little extra practice when speaking Spanish but with more familiar grammar.

Spanish Pairing Games: Free Online resources

Spanish games online

If you are trying to teach or learn Spanish ConjugationIt can be a little tricky! Here are some suggestions for the best pairing games:

Fun Spanish games for beginners, intermediates and experts!

Spanish games online

No matter your age or education level, there are plenty of fun Spanish games online for everyone.

These free online Spanish games are perfect for kids, high school students and adults. So be sure to supplement the lessons you get from a great Spanish teacher with these games, whether it’s on the bus, between classes, before bed, or any other time you have A few minutes to practice.

Marcus SMarcus S. Teach online in a variety of subjects. Trained and certified to teach classrooms and provide one-to-one tutoring to students on the Princeton Review SAT, GMAT, GRE, and LSAT tests. Learn more about Marcus here!

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