Things that You Want to Know in Black Tiger Year

general eventful (Dah sah dah nan: Busy) Circumstances and situations, 2021 is behind us and the new year 2022 has arrived. Number 2022 personally brings me back to some of my memories of sci-fi movies I might have watched when I was younger. These films usually begin with a quote, such as “In 2022, the people of the world will move to the Moon…” and the story continues. It seemed incredibly far into the future for a young girl in the ’90s, and yet she’s here with us.

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2022 called MN-NEON (Im in neon: year of the black panther) or that it Black Panther, year 39 in sixty six (yook-sip-gap-ja: sexagenary cycle). The sexual cycle is Stems, branches or Ganzhi. (

Many people are excited to embrace 2022 because the combination of a lion and a panther rarely happens. Today, I’m going to share some big events in 2022 in Korea.

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  1. Koreans celebrate New Year twice

Some Koreans may not consider that 2022 has not come since then Chinese New Year (Go Jeong: Lunar New Year) is a more important holiday than theocracy (Sin Jeong: New Year’s) in Korea. January 1st is celebrated like the rest of the world, but Koreans have a special way of celebrating the upcoming New Year by celebrating New Year (Seollal: Korean New Year’s Day or Lunar New Year’s Day, just like Chinese New Year).

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This 3-day vacation, New Year It usually comes about a month after New Year’s Day. One thing you want to remember is that there is no set date for that Chinese New Year Because it depends on the lunar calendar. In other words, you will likely have Chinese New Year On a different date every year. in 2022, Chinese New Year It falls on the first of February. Chinese New Year holidays (Yoon Hui: long weekend or holiday) starts at 1Month 31a job (il-wol-sam-sip-il-il: on January 31st) and ends on 2Month 1a job (il-wol-on February 2).

2. korean politics calendar 2022

In 2022, Koreans will be busy Playing sports (Hang-sah-hah-dah: To practice) vote (also-byo-joon: voting rights) between March and June.

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Koreans will have the opportunity to vote for a new president. There are 20 Presidential election (Dae Tong-ryong-soon-guo: Presidential elections) in March. The date is March 9, which is Tennis Court holiday (Bob-jeong-jung-hui-il: a public holiday or a national holiday). Korean citizens can vote at any time between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

may be:

President Opening (Dae Tong-ryong-chi-im-sik: Presidential Inauguration Day) on May 10th.


same time (Dong Si: synchronous at the same time) local elections (Ji Bang Sun Goh: Local/Regional elections, Provincial Council elections) on the 1st of June.

3. Redeem vacations in 2022

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There are a total of 118 national holidays in 2022, including how holiday (Dae-chi-jung-hui-il: alternate vacation). Fortunately, Koreans will have two more holidays compared to 2021.

Hangul Day (Hangulal: Hangeul Announcement Day) On October 9. It happens to be a Sunday this year. I hope this extra day will give you time to study Korean in a more interesting way.

in September, Thanksgiving (Chuseok: korean thanksgiving day starts at 9y and runs During the eleventh. Thanksgiving holidays (Yoon Hui: long weekend or holiday) usually last 3 days and the last day holidays This year it falls on a Sunday. So, you’ll add another day holidays according to how holiday Law (Dae-chi-jung-hui-il-pop: Alternative Vacation Act).

In the last month of 2022, Koreans will have to celebrate birthday (Seong Tan-gyeol: Christmas) on Sunday because birthday Sunday is not like that Progressing (Gook Young must have: to be applicable) to how holiday Law.

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What are your plans for 2022? Have you already made your vacation plans? I’m excited that many Koreans will be enjoying two more holidays this year. Most of all, I hope they choose the best leaders in Korea.

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