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Watching the premiere: Through the Dark, Dr. Park’s Clinic

January seems like a quiet month for premieres (before the drama and tsunami hits in February). However, we have two completely different shows hitting the airwaves this weekend: an investigative thriller about Korea’s first criminal investigator, and a quirky comedy featuring some of the greats.

through the dark

time slot: Friday Saturday
announcer: SBS
Type: crime, thrill
number of episodes: 16

Reasons to watch: I’m not a big fan of serial killer stories, police actions, thrillers or any combination of them, but that doesn’t mean through the dark He doesn’t have much to recommend it. Based on the real-life facts of the first ever Korean criminal identifier, the drama tells the story of his upbringing. Or, how he had to “walk in the heart of the devil.” Sounds like a one-way trip, to me! Kim Nam-gil plays the title role, supported by Jin Seon-gyu, Kim So-jin, Ryeoun, and more. The drama is also set in the 90s, covering real cases at the time, and showing how criminal investigations have changed during that time. If I’m right, the drama will be a great mix of action and psychological depth research.

Dr. Parks Clinic

time slot: Friday
announcer: duty
Type: medical comedy
number of episodes: 12

Reasons to watch: Based on a website of the same name, Lee Seo-jin and Ra Mi-ran play husband and wife in this hilarious-looking “medical” drama. Lee Seo-jin is Dr. Park of the same name, who has serious problems including hair loss, struggle to maintain his newly opened medical clinic, and a wife who trusts TV on her husband for medical advice. While I’m curious about how the drama will perform, being a TV original that features a more mature cast, I also have high expectations for the comedy and satire that this drama will deliver. I can already expect laughter.

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