Top 10 YouTube Channels for Learning Italian

If you want toearn italian, youtube Videos can help you on your journey!

You can learn to speak Italian without even picking up a pen. Watching videos is a great way to learn a language; You can hear a variety of sounds, listen to the correct pronunciation, and decide when and where you want to learn. In this article, Italian teacher Liz T. Through 10 of her favorite YouTube channels to learn Italian…

With the advent of the Internet, learning a language today is easier than ever. Advances in computer technology, social media platforms, and smartphone apps have given you everything you need to educate yourself – all at your fingertips!

if you want Learn Italian online, free YouTube Videos and other digital resources I can help. Here are some of the best Youtube videos “Learn Italian” Plus some other alternatives to try if you’re interested in learning Italian today!

What is the easiest way to learn Italian?

learn italian youtube

There are many different ways you can learn Italian. Here are some options to consider, depending on the amount of time you have and your unique learning style:

As you can see, full immersion is one of the best ways to achieve this Learn Italian – YouTube Channels can help you immerse yourself in the language without having to leave home. No passport required!

Watch what we’re talking about in more detail here:

Can you learn Italian from YouTube? Yes! 10 learn italian youtube channels

learn italian youtube

Although there are countless resources that you can utilize as you are learning Italian language, YouTube is one of the most effective and cheap ways to learn a new language. Instead of searching hundreds of channels on YouTube, we thought of a quick guide to the top 10 channels The best YouTube channels for learning Italian I will help you! Let’s take a look at the channels that are not in a particular order.


1) linguistic travel

This channel teaches essential vocabulary and phrases for multiple languages, and Italian is no exception! In Italian 101 There are up to twenty differentLearn Italian’ YouTube videos Users can take advantage of, With survival vocabulary “how-to”, common words and phrases, greetings, directions, dining, shopping, and safety lessons. Each lesson is divided into different learning levels; For example, you can progress from “Greetings Level One” to “Greetings Level Two”, and so on.

With all the phrases, greetings, words and tips this guide has to offer, this one is the best Learn Italian for Travel Youtube Channel there yet!

Check out this example video on first level eating:


2) Learn Italian YouTube channel, straight from Italy

On this channel, the original Italian Marco Nesida helps viewers prepare for their next trip to Italy! Marco shares some unique tips and tricks for learning Italian, drawn from his rich cultural experiences. His channel includes videos with three different learning levels, as well as technical videos that help you conjugate verbs.

Check out this video as an example for Lesson 1:


3) Italian Pod 101

This channel will help you become more confident when speaking Italian in public. It’s also great to display appropriate uses of politeness and informality in social settings. There are more than 100 videos, and if you watch just one video, you will learn a whole new topic or topic, including Summer Vacation Words, Vacations and Vacation Plans.

Watch this video as an example of 25 Italian adjectives to know:


4) Italy made easy

Another one of The best Italian learning channels on YouTube It is Italy Made Easy.

in itAnd Italian teacher Manu uses his unique sense of humor in some funny Italian videos for beginners! His videos include “How to survive in Italy without fluency”, “How to act like an Italian”, and “Speak Italian like an Italian”. It also offers webinars and more advanced levels of the Italian language at a cost that goes beyond its YouTube channel.

Check out this video as an example of Italian prepositions:


5) Learn Italian YouTube channel with Lucrezia

This Italian channel features the original Lucrezia that comes with highly creative talks, stories and scenarios to help you get the most out of your Italian language learning experience. She has several videos for beginners, such as “A Day in the Life” videos, action videos, and food and recipe videos. Learning Italian through cooking is a great way to immerse yourself in the language and culture at the same time.

Check out this example video on Italian Vocabulary – Family:


6) One world Italian

On this channel, you will learn Italian with Veronica and the rest of her team in Cagliari, the heart of Sardinia. They built an actual school for tourists and newcomers to Italy, where they share these teachings on their YouTube channel. They use on-site visuals, costumes and settings to make their Italian learning videos more interesting and fun to watch!

Check out this example video in Lesson 1:


7) easy languages

You don’t have to be interested in Italian only to benefit from this YouTube channel. You can learn a variety of languages, including Russian, Czech, French, Greek, Mandarin and of course Italian.

Most of the videos are shot entirely in the language being taught – but remember that immersion in the content is one of the best ways to learn!

Watch this video as an example of Italian from the streets:


8) Dino Lingo

This one is for the kids! Dino Lingo has videos to help children understand and learn Italian through animations and children’s sounds. This channel is about your desire for your child to learn Italian in a fun, relatable and nurturing way. Once they watch one lesson, they may not be able to stop!

Check out this video as an example of one of the educational Dino Lingo games:


9) sweet life

This channel is a guide on how to interact with Italians and their culture. The funny channel presenters, Luca and Marina, show you how to approach Italian traditions in a light and humorous way, which is a very good way to take it! You will start to feel more Italian the moment you watch their videos.

Check out this video for an example of useful common expressions:


10) Italian with Melissa La Studenza Matta

this is “Learn Italian” Youtube The canal is ideal for short and long term visitors to Italy.

On this channel, Italian student Melissa Muldoon has a lot of fun describing current Italian trends and expressions used in Italy. Her videos, such as “How to buy a train ticket from an automatic machine in Italy”, “Go for a shopping show” and “Find accommodation in Florence” will help you experience Italian culture and feel more comfortable with it on a visit to Italy.

Check out this video as an example of 11 questions about learning Italian:

Is it difficult to learn Italian?

learn italian youtube

Italian is not difficult to learn, but like any language, it has its own features that you will need to spend some time getting to know. with the right Italian coach Appropriate resources (such as fun and interactive videos and applications!) You’ll be a fluent Italian speaker in no time.

if you want learn italian youtube It is a useful resource. I highly recommend each of these YouTube channels to learn and improve your Italian language skills.

While I encourage you to check out all these Italian language channels and more on YouTube, I also encourage you to follow your own lessons, or start with a private trainer at TakeLessons! While YouTube can be very useful to get started, it is difficult to develop your Italian language skills without that one-on-one attention from a live tutor.

I hope this article will be a great starting point for your efforts to learn Italian! Happy learning!

Did any of these YouTube channels help you learn Italian? Do you know anyone else? Comment below with your thoughts!

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