Ultimate Wedding Dance Guide: Moves, Steps, & Resources

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Dancing is essential to a memorable wedding day. That’s true whether you’re part of the happy couple, a member of the wedding party, or a guest. Of course, there’s the wedding dance (the bride and groom’s first dance). But there’s also dancing at the reception entrance and group boogies with all of the guests.

So what happens if you’ve never taken a dance class or feel unprepared to dance at an upcoming wedding? Luckily, there are many popular wedding dances you can learn on your own and even master at home. Online wedding dance lessons are also available and can help you learn to dance and perfect your skills before the big day.

What Is the Traditional Wedding Dance Order?

The order of dances at a wedding will vary depending on the preferences of the happy couple. However, there is a traditional wedding dance order that serves as a solid template for most couples.

Whether you’re a regular guest or in the wedding party, you should be familiar with the order of dances at a wedding so you know what to expect and when you’ll be able to get out on the floor.

Here is the typical order of wedding dances you should know:

The First Dance

The bride and groom have their first dance following their introduction. If you’re a soon-to-be newlywed, it’s recommended to practice the wedding dance before your big day because everyone will be watching.

First dances often involve slow dancing or ballroom dance moves. If you select a challenging first dance song or want to wow your guests in-person or online, wedding dance lessons can help you master your first dance.

The Parent Dances

After the first dance, the parent dances typically follow. Usually, the bride dances with her father and the groom with his mother. However, there is a lot of flexibility here depending on the couple getting married. This part of the wedding can also involve several dances beyond the typical two we just mentioned. For example, the bride’s parents may also dance together as well as the groom’s.

The Wedding Party Dances

The wedding dance you’ll see next will be one involving the wedding party. Here, the groomsmen or bridesmaids have the opportunity to dance with the happy couple. Sometimes, if there is a larger wedding party, the bride and groom will limit these dances or have the wedding parties dance to only half a song.

Guest Dances

Finally, all of the guests should also have the opportunity to get on the dance floor. Every wedding is structured differently, so some events may not feature group dancing until everyone has eaten their entrees. In other cases, the floor may open up directly after the wedding party dances. If you’re attending a wedding as a guest, this is your time to shine and show off your best wedding dance moves.

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