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Winter in Korea can be really cold and it looks like this year will be colder than most. are you ready? People usually ask When they see snow in Korea, But it is really important to ask if they can go out in the winter. Some winters are really mild and nice, but others are really cold and cold and you really need to be prepared or you’ll be running from indoor to indoor space to stay warm. There are a few things I make sure we have every year and one thing I make sure everyone in my family has is Uniqlo Heattech. To be honest, I had never heard of Uniqlo or Heattech until I came to Korea, but the company is now my go-to for basics and most importantly, my winter clothes…and here’s why.

Get Uniqlo Heattech for this winter in Korea:

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What do you know about Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a clothing company that was originally founded in Japan in 1949 as a textile manufacturer. Today, the brand has more than 1,000 stores around the world. The company’s motto is “Made for all” and it really is designed for people of all ages, genders, races, people with disabilities, etc. They try to reverse this in their use of templates in advertisements and also aim to be inclusive with their selection of global brand ambassadors.

Uniqlo Heattech, How To Survive Winter In Korea

Sustainability Efforts at Uniqlo

Uniqlo has been working towards being more sustainable for over 20 years. One way to do this is to use plastic to make clothes. The Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full Zip Jacket, for example, uses polyester flakes recycled from PET bottles in its fabric. Some products are made with more or less, and this is one way they try to reuse what is already there. Uniqlo also accepts used clothes to turn them into new clothes and they work with NGOs to distribute used wearable clothes to refugees, disaster victims and others in need around the world. If you are interested in other great sustainable businesses, check this out AllBirds for all your shoes, And Pela who invented compostable phone cases.

Why do you need Hitech

Heattech can look suspiciously skinny for something to keep you warm. I didn’t think it would do much when I first saw it, but my husband convinced me to get some and try it out, and now it’s my favorite base layer all winter, and even early spring sometimes. There are T-shirts and leggings so I literally wear them under everything…or tops as you can see in the picture below.

Paradise City Resort, Incheon, Korea: Halle Bradley

Provides warmth

  • Heattech is made from a special blend of materials to absorb moisture from the body and convert kinetic energy into heat. The clothing fibers absorb heat and keep the body warm. The material generates warmth and fights bacteria to prevent odor and static electricity.
  • Heattech comes in different options from regular to very warm so you can wear them all winter long from mild to cold cold temperatures.
  • There is even a super hot option for sub-zero temperatures. This product is 2.25 times warmer than regular Heattech but still thin to fit comfortably in underwear.
  • I think this is especially important to note for kids, too, who need breathable clothing that keeps them insulated. Our daughter doesn’t like a lot of layers, but the Kids’ Heat Tech is slim enough and comfy enough not to bother her but keeps her warm so you don’t have to worry if you try to throw off her or her sweaters.

Uniqlo Heattech, How To Survive Winter In Korea

Comfortable material

  • Comfort is key especially when you have to wear layers. Hitech is made with 4 different fibers that allow it to retain heat, dry quickly, and remain flexible making it extremely comfortable all day long.
  • The material feels as light as a basic shirt but offers so much more than that.
  • The material is infused with argan oil to give a smooth texture.

Style and style options

  • Paradise City Resort, Incheon, Korea: Halle BradleyUniqlo’s Heattech comes in long sleeves, short sleeves, and sleeveless or camisole options, so it’s comfortable from season to season. This is important because I definitely think long sleeves are perfect for winter, but towards the end of fall and into spring, they are a lot. But, it’s still cool mornings and evenings in fall and spring, so short sleeve options are what works for me.
  • Shirts look great and come in many shades so if worn as a T-shirt or a top layer, they look great too. (This beige shirt is one of Hit Tech’s. It looks great, doesn’t it?)

easy to pack

  • Not huge at all.
  • Winter travel can be really tough when it comes to packing. The clothes are usually thick so you either need a bigger bag or give away some items, but the great thing about the Heattech is that they are so thin that they can fit. You can forgo a few layers because you won’t need them.

Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea

For men, women and children!

  • I really love that it is a one stop shop for me and my family. There is a Heat Tech for everyone in the family. I used to be worried about our baby girl getting cold in the winter, but I’d never have done that if she had some Heattech. Whether she wants to wear her dresses or shirts, she will be warm enough.

Affordable, Affordable, Affordable

  • As far as I’ve used Heattech, I think it’s really affordable. Don’t think of it as long connections that will remain hidden or have to be hidden. Like I said, Heat Tech shirts can do more than just basic layers.

Where to buy Heattech

I stop by Uniqlo and buy what we need for this year and buy it for everyone. In fact, it is worth noting that it lasts a long time. I got two HitTech T-shirts about 8 years ago to start my collection. I loved them so much that I went the following year and got two more. I’m fine with my baby but this my son keeps growing year after year. You can get Heattech shirts and leggings too and they’re especially great for those kids who run everywhere outside all season. Worth it for me and it will be yours this winter in Korea too.

for women

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