[USA] "Spiritwalker" on digital and Blu-ray April 12 #Spiritwalker @WellGoUSA (2022/03/06)

‘… an intense, fun, and entertaining thriller filled with amazing action from beginning to end …’ ~ easternKicks.com
‘br /’Hand-to-hand combat, gun fights, car chases, foot chases- you name it, ‘spiritwalker’ has got it and got it good’. ~ Asian Movie Pulse
‘br /’Spiritwalker’
The Award-Winning, Action-Packed Thriller Debuts Exclusively on the Streaming Service Hi-YAH! March 18 Before Hitting Digital, Blu-rayandtrade; and DVD April 12

Bonus Features Include an All-New English Dub and Behind-the-Scenes Content.
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