[Video] 30s Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Documentary ‘Comfort’ @ HanCinema

30s trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary “Comfort”



“Comfort” (2020)

Directed by Emmanuel Moonchil Park

KIM Soonak is a survivor of sex slavery by the Japanese military. The war may have ended, but her life was still at a war. She lived in the prostitute quarters to survive, did sex business in the US military camp town, and peddled goods from the US military. She raised two kids on her own as she worked as a maid. We’ll listen to her story in her absence. The film recons the life story of the deceased KIM Soonak with interviews with local, archive videos, animation, and read-aloud testimony.

22nd Seoul International Women’s Film Festival

Release date in Korea : 02/23/2022


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