[Video] Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama ‘Tomorrow’ @ HanCinema

A short trailer for the upcoming Korean drama has been released “Tomorrow”.

Trailer for a movie


“Tomorrow” (2022)

Directed by kim tae yoonAnd Song Chi Wook

written by Kim Yoo Jin VIAnd park ja kyungAnd First Park Ran

Network: MBC

with Kim Hye-sunAnd RonAnd Lee Soo HyukAnd Yoon Ji EunAnd Kim Chae YoonAnd Seo Yoon Hyuk, …

16 episodes
“Tomorrow” It is based on the webtoon of the same name. A young job seeker who can’t get a job meets the Black Angels of Jumadeung, a monopoly company in the underworld due to an accident, helping people in crises by acting as the youngest contractor of a special crisis management team.

Broadcast start date in Korea: 2022 / first half


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