[Video] Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie ‘Sophie’s World’ @ HanCinema

A short trailer for the upcoming Korean movie has been released “Sophie’s World”



“Sophie’s World” (2021)

Directed by Lee Jia Han

with Kim Sae-byokAnd Kwak Min JiuAnd Anna RuggieroAnd Kim Woo-kyeomAnd Moon Hye In

Soo Young accidentally discovered her photo on a travel blog. It was a record four days for Sophie, a traveler who stayed in Korea, whom she met two years earlier. Through Sophie’s diary, Soo Young takes a fresh look at her daily life with her husband Jung Jo, who has gone through the worst of times. It seemed that emotions and facts that were not known at the time would be understood.

In Sophie’s world, it was written
What kind of feelings did we leave behind after arguing, crying, and laughing?

The journey through her daily life begins asking for each other’s well-being!

Release date in Korea: 03/2022


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