[Videos] Trailers Released for the Upcoming Korean Documentary ‘Rice People’ @ HanCinema

Trailers released for the upcoming Korean documentary “Rice People”


Main Trailer

60s Trailer


“Rice People” (2021)

Directed by Hong Tae-sun-I

Even in the push and pull era which is full of flour and sugar, rice firmly protects the table of the rice bowl nation!

There are farmers who grow the rice in different ways.

Nam Ho-hyeon, a young farmer who continues his father’s family business, challenges farming with agricultural drones that spray coated rice seeds in large quantities, but new technologies that seemed to bring a rosy future leave only endless homework in a series of trials and errors .

Lee Geun, an urban farmer who started farming on weekends and fell in love with farming, lives a life of small farmers who touch and cultivate them with their hands rather than machines, and studies and protects the world of traditional native rice that has disappeared in history.

Our rice, which grows with sincerity, is filled with happiness, and conveys the power of life presented by nature for a long time! The moving journey begins now!

Release date in Korea : 02/24/2022


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