[Videos] Trailers Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ @ HanCinema

Trailers released for the upcoming Korean drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman”.

Trailer (15s)


“Military Prosecutor Doberman” (2022)

Directed by Jin Chang-gyoo

Written by Yoon Hyeon-ho

Network: tvN

With Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Bo-ah, Yoo Tae-woong, Jo Hye-won, Kang Young-seok, Lee Tae-hyung-I,…

16 episodes – Mon, Tue 22:30
“Military Prosecutor Doberman” The story of Do Bae-man, who became a military prosecutor for money, and Cha Woo-in, who became a military prosecutor for revenge, meeting and breaking down the black and rotten evil in the military and growing into a real military prosecutor .

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 02/28/2022

Trailer (30s)


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