[Videos] Trailers Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie ‘Idol Recipe’ @ HanCinema

Trailers released for the upcoming Korean movie “Idol Recipe”


Main Trailer

30s Trailer


“Idol Recipe” (2021)

Directed by Peter Lee

With Lee Jee-hoon, Son Byung-ho, Bae Woo-hee, Sohee, Nahyun, Takada Kenta,…

My life goal is to escape entertainment!

Bae Jae-seong, the “15-year-old idol manager” whose passion has cooled down. He loses a dream-like opportunity and a billion won in cash overnight.

Instead, he’ll protect the idol group “Bella”! One problem is that he can’t remember any of last night’s performances!

Loss for words, Jae-seong starts looking back on last night in pursuit of lost money and memories…

The recipe for making K-POP idols will be revealed now!

Release date in Korea : 03/2022


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