Visiting K-Star Road in Gangnam

Visit K-Star Road in Gangnam where K-pop stars were born. Looking at these cute Gangnam dolls made my day!

Marking today’s date, I got the time to visit K-Star Road which is really popular among tourists because of the Hallyu Wave. I’ve been here in Korea for nearly 6 years but never had the chance to visit K-Star Road. I’ve been walking around Seoul here and there but this place, I mean Gangnam goes to the bottom of my list all the time. I also don’t know why I kept putting it down for a visit. Maybe it’s outside the subway line where I live or maybe I don’t fantasize about K-Pop very much. Or maybe it’s because when you say “gangnam” you’re likening the neighborhood of the rich to the rich.

But I’m not saying I don’t like K-Pop either. I listen to their songs and watch their shows and events but I don’t collect their things. I’m trying to be very simple so I’m working off some of my stuff and also can’t be a fan. Because I know that when you start buying an album, it won’t stop there. But you will get one and another. So it is not a priority for me.

But today, I’ve made it my priority to show you what K-Star Rood looks like during this pandemic. I know it’s different because I know a lot of fans and tourists who visit Korea have this place on their to-do list. So let’s check it out!

Key Star Road

The K-Star Road can be found at the Cheongdam Crossroads connecting at Apgujeong Rodeo where you can see most of the world’s luxury brands like Louis Vitton, Channel Gucci, Cartier and many more. Apart from the luxury brands that you can see along the way, many entertainment agencies are also located here. That is why it is known as the way stars are born.

When you take exit Apgujeong Rodeo 1, you will be able to see the big Gangnam dol. It’s in front of the Galleria department store across from GangnamDol Haus where you can buy smaller sizes from Gangnamdol.

note: Due to the pandemic, the store is still closed with an unspecified schedule of when it will open again.

Gangnam Dol is derived from the compound word “Gangnam”, idol” and “doll”. These human-sized teddy bears represent the famous K-pop artists in Korea. The K-Star road took about two years to finish, and many fans came to visit and take their best pictures with Their favorite K-pop group Not only fans but artists as well including BTS.

Session 1: Meet GangnamDols

  1. PSY (the largest)
  2. 4 minutes
  3. Super Junior
  4. 2 pm
  5. F . Island
  6. I yearned
  8. girl’s generation
  9. EXO
  10. BTS
  11. B1A4
  12. Fix
  13. Kara

According to the map, there are 17 dolls but only 13 have been found. I’m not sure if I’m missing the 4 (AOA, SHINee, TVXQ! and INFINITE) or it’s just missing. There is also a star tree next to GangndamDol KARA.

Session 2: Visiting Entertainment Agencies

And to make the trip more pleasant, I tried to visit some entertainment agencies of famous stars. But it’s sad to say that SM and JYP actually moved to another location last year and that SM TOWN and Cafe is under renovation.

Although I still had the chance to see 3 agencies of some famous stars.

hook for entertainment

Hook Entertainment is the agency that manages Korean actors like Lee Seung-gi and Lee Seo-jin, award-winning actress Yoon Yoo Jung, Seo Bum-june, and favorite songwriter Lee Sun-hee.

Tabuk: 104-15 Cheongdamdong,Gangnam-gu Seoul

around us for entertainment

Recording company and entertainment agency founded in 2016. It is the home of Kpop Group Highlight, formerly known as BEAST. The two actors under this entertainment agency are Lee Gikwang (from Lovely Horribly) and Yoon Doojoon (from Radio Romance).

Tabuk: 123-45 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

FNC Entertainment

This entertainment agency was founded in 2006 by South Korean singer and producer Han Seung Ho. Its artists are CNBLUE, N.Flying, SF9, FTISLAND, AOA, P1Harmony, Lee Seung Hyub, and Cherry Bullet.

Tabuk: 111 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Session 3: Cheongdam Food Street

To complete the trip, there is what they called Cheongdam Food Street in the area where you can find plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can eat and have some coffee.

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How do you find K-Star Road? Do you also dream that one day you will be able to visit this famous K-pop road?

Xoxo, Hyejin

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