Visiting the Seoul Brand Partners Pop-Up Store

Visiting Seoul Brand Partners Pop-up store in Hongdae was so cool!! Do you want to know why? Keep reading and I’ll tell you the story!

Last November 11, I saw a post from Haechi’s Instagram stating that they would be opening a Seoul Brand Partners pop-up store in Hongdae until November 21. I couldn’t visit earlier due to my busy schedule. So before the event ended I decided to visit my son yesterday.

But before that, I would like to share with you some information about the Seoul brand. What does it mean and what does it do.

What is the Seoul brand?

The Seoul brand is known as the city brand that started in 2007. Its main objective is to introduce the idea of ​​marketing the city and attract foreign tourists. Since it started, it has already attracted one million foreign tourists all over the world.

In 2002, the city’s brand was Hi Seoul and they added the word Soul of Asia in 2006. In 2009, it changed to Infinitely Yours, Seoul, Seoul, My [ ] In 2012.

This time the city brand is I SEOUL U which means Between You and Me There is Seoul. The red dot means passion and the blue dot means relaxation. If you notice that the letter O is written in the Korean alphabet O which looks like a traditional Korean door handle. So, I SEOUL U mean to invite us to visit Seoul and walk together.

What is Seoul Brand Partners?

Seoul Brand Partners is created to partner with private companies that create icons and items representing the city of Seoul. The selected companies will be able to get some benefits such as workshops for business networking, expert consulting and training. Besides, pop-up stores will operate and get support from SMG distribution platform and SNS marketing.

What do you see from the pop-up store?

Visiting the pop-up store at 8810 Ristretto in Hongdae made me see the different types of brand products that have cooperated with Seoul brand partners this year. The pop-up store started operating last November 11th and will end today.

It has been divided into different areas such as stationery, food and beverage, fashion, home living, and interior.

They also set up a special area for Haechi dolls and characters (a mythical creature iconic in Seoul).

SNS . events

Apart from the products they sell in the pop-up store, they also have an SNS marketing event. Take a photo in the photo area of ​​the pop-up store and upload it to your social media using the hashtags provided.

My son and I joined these two events and got a lot of gifts. We have a range of Haechi dolls, pens, mugs and T-shirts. I wanted to buy a Haechi bag but they said it’s not for sale.

Badge Pin Making Event

They also have a corner where you can make your own badge pin. The staff is really friendly and accomodating and they helped my son make the pins. He enjoyed it and ended up making 4 badge pins.

Never Shopping Life

In addition, Seoul brand partners have also created Naver Shopping live where customers can buy things online. The products are truly unique and can be kept or given as a special gift to our loved ones and friends. I really hope this pandemic ends soon so you guys can visit Korea too.

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