Voice Acting Scripts to Hone Your Craft (Tips & Free Resources)

Since the advent of radio as a medium of entertainment 100 years ago, actors have had the opportunity to use their voice as a medium perform their craft. From radio comedies to TV anchors, commercial podcasts to animation, video games to podcasts, there are endless ways to hear an actor’s voice. and under, We will present it voice acting scripts To help you hone your craft.

Thanks to technology and high-speed internet, voice actors have more access than ever before to opportunities for voice work and auditions. No matter what the purpose of voice acting exams is, these texts will help you perfect your skills!

How can I practice voice acting?

While the idea of ​​being able to record an audio test from your wardrobe in your pajamas may sound appealing, voice acting is a very competitive field. It demands just as much attention as Shakespeare’s play on the big stage. Just like an actor who aspires to act on stage or screen needs to practice audition clips and monologues, so does a voice actor who aspires to be a cartoon character, product brand voice, or meditation app guide.

While most voice acting jobs will provide you with a transcript, it helps to use good transcripts to practice voice acting between exams. Keep reading to get to those!

resources for voice acting scripts

Here are some of our favorite resources for voice acting scripts:

  • Voices.com
  • voice actor sites
  • stagemilk

*important note: If you are creating an audio clip, be sure to use copyrighted content. While you might not get caught by the author, using someone else’s copy (by “copy” we mean ad text or text) isn’t just a good look for the cast’s director. Unless otherwise noted, use these samples for training only!

Mic - voice acting texts


Voices.com is a marketplace for voiceover and audio production. You can find and rent gigs and voice acting. But they also serve This is a comprehensive list From Voice acting practice texts. You can find various options from commercial auto and travel scripts to healthcare introduction scripts and podcasts.

voice actor sites

Voice Actor websites provide plenty of resources for voice actors including This list From More than 300 pages For the commercial audio version of the trade name. You can find infinity for free voice acting scripts Just about anything you might be looking for.


Stagemilk.com Offers a variety of Brief samples of the audio training version (Perfect for beginners). Verify many resources Various voice acting scripts, including cheerful announcements, emotional voiceovers, and more.

Other suggestions for practice:

In between voice auditions, record yourself reading poetry, news articles, or a passage from a favorite book. This will help you keep your skills sharp.

Again, be wary of copyrighted material. It is best to stick to material that is in the public domain, as there is no risk of copyright infringement. This way, you can share your readings with your fellow actors, on social media, or even include them in an audio comment reel.

To help with mastery voice acting scripts and skills, work with a Professional acting teacher Who can provide you with private and personal lessons.

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