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Watching dramas with Kim Tae-ri in new promotions for Twenty Five Twenty One

tvN’s premiere twenty five twenty one Approaching, and there was a lot of boredom to direct our attention in the meantime.

The story of coming of age takes us back to the nineties of the last century when we were at the forefront, Kim Tae Ri (Mr. Sunshine) And Nam Joo Hyuk (start), first meet. However, 1998 is a devastating year, and their dreams with young people are dashed as the effects of the IMF crisis make their way through South Korea. Faced with their challenges together, their friendship develops into a romantic relationship as they get older and become more mature.

Among the characters who share their journey is Bona (Homemade love story), Kim Tae-ri’s rival in school fencing, wannabe influencer Choi Hyun Wook (boys racket) and a typical student Lee Joo Myung (Now we are parting), who secretly wishes to rebel.

The new short teaser is fun and descriptive on many levels, opening on an old TV screen showing a copyright and piracy warning. On the same screen, we see our five main characters in a series of different scenes: Kim Tae Ri crying while running away from Nam Joo Hyuk, the group having fun on the beach, then running in the lobby.

When the camera pulls back, we see Kim Tae-ri watching this “drama” of hers on TV. In a daze, she stumbles backwards while her hand remains frozen in the air, still holding her spoon of rice. In the voiceover, the narrator reads the comments: “Older generations were more afraid of things like tigers, smallpox and war. However, for the current generation, watching twenty five twenty one It can lead to horrific consequences such as becoming a drama addict.”

Written by Kwon Do-eun (Search query: WWW) and directed by PD Jung Ji-hyun (You are my spring), twenty five twenty one Premiere February 12 next Bulgasal: Immortal Souls It completes running.

Across 10 Asia (1), (2), MPN (1), (2), Newsen (1), (2), Osin (1), (2), (3)

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