What does 魔戒 (마계) mean in Chinese?

Answer: the Lord of the Rings

in Chinese Charm (마) can mean either “devil” or “magic”, and episode (계), which means “to watch out” or “to warn”, can also mean “ring”, believe it or not. Therefore, 魔戒 (마계) can be literally translated as either “devil’s ring (魔) (戒)” or “magic ring”.

Koreans are now translating the title of Tolkien’s book the Lord of the Rings As “반지 의 제왕”, which is a literal translation of the title since 반지 means “ring” or “rings” and 제왕 can be translated as “emperor”, “ruler” or “king”. But in 1988, the book’s title was first translated into Korean as “반지”, which literally translates to “Story of the Ring”. The title has also been translated into Korean as “반지”, which literally translates as “War of the Ring”. And believe it or not, it was also translated as “마술”, which literally translates as “The Magic Ring”, and this seems to be how the Chinese translated the title. look here.

Anyway, I have the traditional Chinese version of the third volume of the Lord of the Rings A trilogy entitled “The Return of the King” which is translated in Chinese as “The second coming of the king‘(왕자 재림), literally ‘the king (王者) comes again (再 臨). In Christianity, 再 (재림) denotes the ‘Second Coming’ of Jesus Christ. By the way, the Chinese word for ‘trilogy’ is Triple (triple).

The first chapter of the English version of “The Return of the King” is entitled “Minas Tirith”, and it seems that the Chinese translated it phonetically to “Minas Tirith (미나 사제 ). The following is the first English sentence in that chapter and its Chinese translation:

“Pippin looked out of Gandalf’s mantle shelter.”

Pepin (pipe) From (Bell)Gandalf (magic sensitivity) under the cloak (two bags underground) Outside (Ex Wang) 看 (liver)”.

‘Pippin, from (from) Gandalf’s cloak (from the cloak) under (down) outside (out) looked (a look). “

I just started learning to read Chinese so it will be quiet sometime before I can read this book, but at least I’ll have it when I’m ready. The hardest part of reading this book seems to be learning the Chinese names for characters and place names.

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