What does 문장 (文章) mean besides “sentence”?

Answer: article or article

My Korean-English dictionary shows that the first definition of 문장 (文章) is “writing”, “composition”, “article” or “article”, but I usually associate 문장 with “sentence”, 기사 (記事) with “article” and (隨筆) with ‘article’, so I wonder why ‘article’ or ‘article’ was included as the first definition of 문장 in my dictionary? Koreans who have heard or seen use 문장 to mean ‘article’ or ‘article.’ Can anyone suggest To an example where Koreans use 문장 to mean “article” or “article”?

However, the Chinese seem to use 文章 (문장) to mean “article” or “article,” which made me wonder what word the Chinese use to mean “sentence” since they don’t seem to use 文章 (문장) with that definition. From what I’ve found, it appears that the Chinese word for “sentence” is 句子 (구자), a word that Koreans don’t seem to use, and a word that literally means “baby phrases (句) child (子)” or “baby phrases.”

From Dong-A’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary

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