What does 성상 (星霜) literally mean?

Answer: star (star(frost)frost)

My Korean-English dictionary defines 성상 (星) as “years” or “time,” but it literally means “star (星) frost (霜).” Chinese definition of star cream (appearance) is compared to years (비유 세월), which can be translated as “metaphor (比 喩) [for] time / years (years). “

The following is a type of poem I wrote about getting old, in which I used the phrase “frost star”.

“My Time in the Sun” by Jerry Bevers

my mind is cloudy
my body became stiff,
My soul is filled with astral frost.

Ambition is just a memory
Women are just human beings,
Life is just survival.

watching the children play,
Seeing young people in love,
My time in the sun is over.

From Dong-A’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary

From New Mandarin Daily Dictionary

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