What is a "male-female" (兩性 양성) "relationship" (關係 관계) "like" (猶如 유여)?

 ANSWER: A garden (花園 화원)

Today in the mail I received the traditional Chinese translation of John Gray’s book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Book of Days. The book is composed of 365 short readings on relationships between men and women, one reading for each day of the year. Since I also have the English version of the book, I am going to try to teach myself to read Chinese by comparing the short English readings with the Chinese translations of those readings, doing one reading a day for the next 365 days, if I am diligent.

Here is the Chinese translation of the first sentence of the first reading:

兩性關係猶如花園 (양성관계유여화원).
“A male-female (兩性) relationship (關係) is like (猶如) a garden (花園).”

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