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Drama Team: What are we watching?

happy New Year everybody! And happy 2022 everyone ♥

What are we all watching this week? What made you look for more (or agonize when it wasn’t there anymore), and what made you want to throw the remote control across the screen? It’s time to evaluate…

Sailor Jomon

silent sea: I don’t usually care about science fiction about space travel, because I’m afraid of heights and falls, and the visuals make me nauseous. I’m also afraid of drowning, so this drama was basically my worst nightmare. Despite all that, the story and the quiet tension easily took me in. Reminds me of a horror movie the thing, where they both happen in stifling places with the phrase “Oh no, who’s going to be next?” percussion instrument.

Snowdrop: What the hell is going on with this show? It tries to be an epic drama and a black comedy at the same time, and the end result is just plain weird. Obviously, the shootout and hostage situation in the girls’ dorm was supposed to be intense and intimidating – and it was – so I had no idea how to respond to the joke bits that were brought up. I have no idea how to respond to this show, period, however, for some reason, I’m still curious enough to keep watching.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls: These fluctuations, ye… you really absorbed me! I’m more invested now, and I’m looking forward to what the story holds as well. Regardless of the ups and downs, I think I was quite surprised to see how much Hwal really cared about his late wife. I assumed his feelings were mostly guilt and pity, but he seemed to really like her. It sure makes things in today’s story interesting.

Our beloved summer: I didn’t think this show would make me so swoon, but AHHHH, that rain scene! So fainting! Very satisfactory and good! 😍


Currently weecaping: Our beloved summerAnd Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

flower of evil: I randomly go back to this drama because I’ve never gotten more than a few episodes and heard it was pretty satisfying (is that right?). I rewatched Episode 1 half way, and I was bored. But I have ideas! Now I’m interested in Moon Chae Won’s character in that beautiful white dress being called to the police station to question someone. I love this storytelling element – the heroine is all dressed up for a certain scene only to be pulled into a different environment where there is a tonal clash. There’s something oddly satisfying about this, no matter the drama, no matter how troppy. Heck, I loved it enough to do it in real life, once I purposely went to the gas station to fill my tank in a floor-length black dress on the way home from a wedding, haha. There is something wonderful about discontinuity.

Deepak Greats

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Our beloved summer: Only when I decided that I was a member of Ji-woong’s team did our Prosecutor’s Office accepted. Ah, my heart is breaking. The more I watch this show, the more I want it to be about recovering and moving on from past relationships, so I’m definitely looking forward to surrogate pairs now, especially Ji-woong. I won’t get my way, will I?

The one and only: I hesitated to start this because it would undoubtedly be a teardrop, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the friendship of the three women. I only watched the first two episodes, but there were parts that made me laugh out loud. So, I might end up destroying a box of tissues for the sake of this drama’s finale, but I hope the episodes that preceded it will continue to be a great mix of comedy and justice-related porn.

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?: Did I mention that I hate the brother? Yes? Oh well. I still hate him. I realize he feels some guilt and has lost his memory and woe to him, but I don’t find him sympathetic. in a. everyone. At least my friend finds constant whining whenever he’s on screen amused. On an additional note, we’re at the point where all the secrets are out in the open, so now, if I remember correctly, things are pretty much a fluffy rom-com and smooth sailing from this point on.

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