Which is brighter? A girl rainbow or a boy rainbow?

Answer: Rainbow boy of course.

This morning I was searching for the Sino-Korean word for “Indian ink” (수묵 Toner) to confirm that the part of the word was the Chinese character for “water” when it came across 수, which is defined as “the brightest arc of a double rainbow.” The Korean word for “double rainbow” or “twin rainbow” is 쌍무지개. Since 수 means “male”, 수 무지개 literally means “male rainbow”. So, what is the Korean word for “the faint arch of the twin rainbow”? The answer is 암 무지개 since 암 means “female”.

So, the brightest part of a double rainbow is the male, and the least beautiful part is the female? Does this seem fair? To indicate that girls are not as bright and beautiful as boys? I do not think so.

Yes, male birds tend to be larger and brighter in color than female birds, but it doesn’t seem fair to refer to the less beautiful part of a double rainbow as “female”, since girls are prettier than boys, unless it’s a boy. In a korean boy group. Using 수 and to refer to rainbows seems sexist, for some reason.

By the way, notice in the first image below that 수묵 means “smudge” and 수묵 치다 means “cover up” or “cover up (wrong).” Therefore, when using the two terms, be sure to pronounce 지다 and correctly to avoid confusion.

From Dong-A’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary

From Dong-A’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary

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